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Option to disable some functions

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There´s a number of functions in Poweramp that I, at least, would like to be able to permanently disable (via an option in the settings), because I never use any of them. That is, I never use any of them on purpose, but sometimes they´re triggered by accidental touches either by my fingers, or by the headphone cord - MOSTLY by the headphone cord, that always seems to fall on the worst places possible.

So, please add a way to permanently disable, or to lock the state of these options:

- Repeat/Advance List, etc - I always use Advance List;

- Shuffle - I never turn it on - on purpose, that is;

- Next folder/last folder navigation buttons - again, I never used these two on purpose.

For context: I always play my music following folder navigation, filename sorting, etc, which is why accidentally turning on any of these options is so annoying. And I have a lot of collections with 50+ files on the same folder, making it a pain to search again for what I was listening...


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