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Track songs skipping to identify songs least needed for a user


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It's a common practice to download whole albums to a phone and add all songs to a play list.

However it's usual thing that you don't like all songs on an album.

But manual removal of such songs can be a time consuming task.

And also you don't know from the very beginning that I won't like a song after you listen to it few more times.

Therefore you leave all songs.

But then, when you listen to a song and don't like it, you usually skip it.

Therefore if you track such skip cases for a while you can identify what songs are candidates to be least liked for the user.

Once you identify those, you can present those in a separate list and provide user with multi-selection of those and a couple of options (called e.g.):

  • Hide - exclude from playing in all play lists
  • Delete - physically remove song from a storage (it's good to save storage space)
  • Clear skip history - can be useful

While I don't pursue any specific implementation of the identification algorithm I would like to provide a sample algorithm description.

ff (favoriteness factor) = ((number of skips * average listen time prior to skip in seconds) + (number of full listens * 120 seconds)) / total number of listens

Let's say there's a song which you don't like much in an album.

You've listened to it 5 times and skipped it 4 times after 10 seconds on average.

If you listen to song for complete duration it accounts as 120 seconds.

Then it gives us ff = (4*10 + 120)/5 = 32 seconds.

For songs which haven't been skipped there's no need to calculate the favoriteness factor.

Then the songs can be sorted ascending by favoriteness factor to present the least liked songs first.

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I had the exact same idea. I work as a welder and can't stop to delete every track that I don't want anymore, and by the end of the day I cant remember which songs I've skipped. It would be nice to have a folder that you could pick and choose songs to get rid of based on skips, rather than scrolling through your entire library. PLEASE ADD THIS FEATURE!!!

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