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Just bought Poweramp and its perfect for my needs.Only facing one problem i have few hidden files (video) (using Audio manager /Hide It Pro) Poweramp showing those hidden files. I have ringtones ,songs, video everything in external sdcard and poweamp shows everthing. Is there anyway only songs folder i can choose for Poweramp scan nohing else ?

Any help would be highly appreciated

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Okey i sorted it .out problem solved.

One more question If somehow i uninstall Power amp unlocker What to do ? I got one email after purchased from google wallet like this

You've made a purchase from Mobile Software Research Limited on Google Play.

Order number: xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

Order date: Aug 20, 2012 10:49 PM

Payment method:Visa

Or i have to email them if i uninstall and wants my licence back?

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