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Advanced random song options: Supermix

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I have a good amount of songs, and a good amount of entire albums. So I've taken advantage of the "shuffle all available songs" option ALMOST all the time now. The following may be a bit hefty, but having these features attached to the "shuffle all available songs" option would be super rad:

Some songs are attached to the ones that follow, like intro songs that blend into the next track or "We Will Rock You" followed by "We Are The Champions" by Queen, and so on. Have the option to attach these songs, i have some intro songs that last 30 seconds before the main song, and playing those by themselves along with other random songs is kinda weird.

Make it possible to isolate the "fade/crossfade the beginning/end of track" option to the "shuffle all available songs" option. Only because from time to time I do play whole albums on the go. It'd be great if I wouldn't have to switch off then back on that fade option every time I transition from shuffle to album sets.

And because I switch from a shuffle set to an album and back to shuffle, I notice that I hear some of the same songs from previous shuffle plays, have some sort of restriction to the artist or song so that we do not hear it again within a given period. This counts for multiples of the same song, for instance, I have studio and live versions of some songs/albums.

Create specific shuffle sets according to genre. Because playing a "Jack Johnson" song followed by "Mötorhead" followed by "UB40" followed by "Pearl Jam" doesn't make much sense.

Just rename "shuffle all available songs" to "Supermix" or something to distinguish that this is a sub feature that no one else ha

Of course only the hard core music listeners like myself would care for such a feature.

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