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3 new features I'd like to request

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First of all this is really the best music player for android. I really like it. It really worths the money to buy it.

But I miss 3 features, it would be good to have them:

1 - multiple selection option for playlists to add multiple songs or to delete multiple songs. (not just one song or an entire folder!)

Now if I want to delete some songs from a playlist, I need to delete them one by one. It's very slow this way!

2 - An "exit", "home" or "minimize" button would be nice for the player.

Since the software doesn't have any buttons like this, I always need to push the "home" hardware button on my device to go back to the main screen of my tablet.

It's also working this way, but I don't like to push the hardware buttons so many times on my device, it's a really expensive tablet which I have and I'm afraid they'll wear out sooner or later if I always use the hardware buttons.

3 - A "seek bar" would be nice for the widget. The player has a seek bar which is good, but the widget doesn't have. So if I want to have a quick listen into the middle of a song I always need to start the full player to do that. It would be good to do that with the widget on the desktop of my tablet. I wouldn't have to always open the full player in that case.

Thanks in advance!

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