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Feature: Playing Summary

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Max, thanks for your GREAT app.

It would be nice if Poweramp had a tool to manager our library and preferences, some kind of Playing Summary, where it would show user's playing preferences info, such as what music you listened most, what song you skipped most (i.e if you skipped that song while it was 10% played ok, but if you skipped that song while its 90% played, Poweramp would assume you listened it in full length.

Also, Summary would show what EQ you most used, the time you most used to listen to music (morning, afternoon, etc)

This feature would helps user to manager your song's library, to improve your EQ experience, and even to help you to monitor your battery usage.

I dont know any app that provides similar feature and this would be one more good unique feat for our beloved app.

Hope get an answer. Thanks again.

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