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Love Poweramp, and especially the gaplessness which is mandatory for me, but I've got two gripes (and I can't be the first with this one but here we go anyway...):

I'm comfortably set up in WMP12 on my Win7 PC with 3000 WMA songs, playlists and all. When I sync them to my Samsung Galaxy WiFi 4.0 (Froyo) I want the playlists to sync and work too, so please:

  • Recognise WMP12's wpl playlists.

Failing that:

  • If I really do have to create all my playlists in Poweramp, stop Poweramp/Android emptying them of content (which happens regularly but for no reason and to no pattern that I can see); and
  • Let me create playlists in Poweramp that I can save as separate files (to back them up) but still allow me to save edits to the re-imported files (which I can't do to the m3u8 files that it makes now because it won't export them a second time).

This is low-hanging fruit surely? - a list can't be that difficult, compared to gapless playback and the other great stuff that Poweramp does?

Also, import all the album art from WMP12 and use it for thumbnails as well as full screen display. Right now when I sync I get about 75% across successfully, but with several hundred albums that leaves a lot of album art I have to search for and add by hand.

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