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Automatically Rating of played songs

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Very useful and interesting feature - rate the playable tracks according to the time of play and number of repetitions of play.

Rating is not assigned if less than 10 percent of the duration of the song heard. The song rating higher, which is fully listened to more times than one that does not fully listened to, and fewer times.

I listen to songs from the phone in the car, an airplane, anywhere - would be useful to all this feature!

Better to save rating of each song in the service area of ​​the mp3 file.

Rating that is displayed to the user will be seen as 5 stars, each star can be a half. It is better to keep ratings in coded form, which includes information of the number of repetitions and the total time listening. This information can be used to transfer files to your computer for cross-platform, now I'm writing a plugin for the player Aimp.

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