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What is missing in this app.

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After several tryouts with different android players, i would say that this app has the best sound quality and supports almost every media format out there. However, after using the trial version I've encounted the stuttering and eventually hanging of the player when playing alac files on a galaxy note. I tried reporting this issue in the bugs section and bumped up another user's thread that was experiencing the same problem but no reply from devs for 2 mths. After looking through the whole bugs section I found that there were quite a few issues that also had no replies from devs.

This is a great app and a price of $6 is not much for such an app. However, the stability issue has stopped me (and maybe alot others) from purchasing the unlocker. I really hope that devs would take some time and find out the bugs that users experience and at least give them a quick reply that you guys have seen and are trying to fix this problem. Thanks.

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