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Relaunch by another app


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Hi whole staff :D

I own a Sony Live Walkman (WT19i)

This handset, just the opposite of what they said, cannot read wma files.

I already had Poweramp but this couldn't be as good as the 'one key for music' this device cand do <_<

I searched for custom ROM and I found Hybrom v15.

I could find some time later a way to redirect my 'walkman' dedicaced key to 'search' function :) Then, I installed LaunchKey_v1.2.1 which can launch either app (or more) specified in it :wacko:

I so attributed Poweramp instead of Sony's app for the dedicaced key :ph34r:

It also provides search by Google for a short press :wub:

The problem, now : Poweramp needs to be closed to relaunch.

If I'm in a menu, in the library, or pause/playing, PA just won't reload.

A shortcut on the desktop is OK, this (shortcut) gives me back into my favorite portable music player...

Conclusion for now :

Shortcut on desktop can make reenter in PA

Shortcut asked by an else app cannot reopen PA.

Until this be fixed, I'll need to exit PA by pressing more and more on 'back' button...

Please fix this easy issue :huh::rolleyes:

...There's also another thing, I can't make my volume buttons work for changing track playing.. If someone knows how to fix this, I'll ear him greatly :wub: (even if I need to uninstall some stock apps :ph34r: )

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:( It seems it is about an OS issue and not Poweramp's programming style :(

I just tried right now to assign an other application to my 'search' physical button, and the result is the same :unsure:

As long as LaunchKey is in memory, assigned app comes back.. As soon as LK is in background, launching only works... too bad :unsure:

Note : If someone here knows how to make my volume up and down buttons to work with the changing track functionnality, I'm still more than ready to test this :D

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OK I have good news :wub: :wub: :wub: :wub:

Walkman live technology permits to assign one app launching to headset and/or music-speakers and/still/or charger plugging.

That makes, by double asking input to Poweramp (or something else...... really don't take that s***) WalkmanButton recover PA.

That's nice enough, understanding dedied app is assigned to ....dedied key ^^

So, my only problem that might were answered on specalized forum, is the volume keys that shall reset track playing (don't speak enough English to understand well)

I'd really like this, but you don't are expressive enough to let me believe I'll have this answer here..... :angry:

Ok, so, please just continue supporting exotic music files :D I'll keep this soft in mind as long as I'll hear :huh: :huh:

'Can close the thread, right :o-_-


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