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Automatically detect the character set for non-Unicode ID3 tag, then display the music information properly.

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I know that in Poweramp, users can select the character encoding settings and then rescan for music files. However, some users may have music files which non-Unicode ID3 tag encoding are different with other music files that use non-Unicode ID3 tag. For example, I may have Chinese songs and Japanese songs, and all music files' ID3 tag were non-Unicode. Assuming that some of my Chinese songs' ID3 tag use Simplified Chinese (GB2312 or GBK encoding) character set, Other Chinese songs' ID3 tag use Traditional Chinese (BIG5) character set, and all Japanese songs use Japanese character set. If, in Poweramp setting, I set the encoding tag to Simplified Chinese and then rescan the music files, Poweramp may properly display the ID3 tag information for Chinese music files that use ID3 tag encoded in Simplified Chinese, but Poweramp's music library may still display garbled text for Chinese songs that use Traditional Chinese (BiG5) encoded ID3 tag and the Japanese songs.

While letting users select the encoding for non-Unicode ID3 tag, please also include an option that make Poweramp automatically detect the character encoding of the ID3 tags, then do any of the following:

1. convert the non-Unicode music ID3 tag into Unicode format, then store the information in the music library, but let the users preview the result before store in music library. Or,

2. Store the character set information of ID3 tag of each music file into music library, and make the music library use the stored character set information of each songs to display the information about the songs. Or,

3. beside above, developers can just use any ways to make Poweramp music library properly display the information for each non-Unicode ID3 tags that use different character set.

For your information, even though I use Android phones and never use Iphone and Ipad, according to my online research, for all musics, the music application (Ipod) in Iphone and Ipad can properly display the music information regardless of the ID3 tags stored in which character set. If this is true, I hope Poweramp can do the same.

Thank you!

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