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Three new feature requests

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Before I start poking holes, I have to say that Poweramp is so far ahead of every other music player for Android that there is basically no competition. That said, here are a few of the things I would like to see implemented or improved:

I would like to see an artist-specific implementation of the Album Title tag in cases where two or more artists have albums with the same title. For example, if I go to Greatest Hits in my Album list right now, it says there are 50 tracks on that album, and that it's by Journey. In reality, I have three different Greatest Hits compilations in my library. If I play that Greatest Hits album, the first song I get is a Foo Fighters tune, then a Bruce Springsteen tune, THEN Journey. It seems to be parsing the list first by track number, then alphabetically by track title. It would be great if the album list said:

Greatest Hits (Bruce Springsteen)

Greatest Hits (Foo Fighters)

Greatest Hits (Journey)

And then allowed me to play whichever one I want. This, along with the implementation of the Album Artist tag mentioned in another thread, are the two biggest holes I see in the app.

Next, I would love to be able to control volume via the main player screen. Maybe allow me to set either the list controls or Volume via the up/down swipe?

And finally, I find that the Direct Volume Control setting works really well in my headphones, but not so well in my car. A more convenient way to get to that setting would be appreciated.

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