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Loud pop and distorted sound using Spotify

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When I start Spotify the sound is distorted, and then when I restart the song or skip forward, I hear a loud pop/scratch noise. I'm using a Samsung S24 Ultra on Android 14 OneUI 6.1, Sony WF-1000XM5 earbuds, Poweramp EQ build-982 Premium 64bit. This only happens with Spotify and I have uninstalled both Spotify and PA EQ, cleared the phone cache, and just about every troubleshooting option I can think of. Does anyone have any suggestions, or have this same issue and resolved it? 


Thank you!

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If not already happened please update the Spotify App. 

Also play around with the Spotify Equalizer. 

For me the best now is to turn it off at all. 

If you still want to use the Spotify Equalizer play around with the bass boost option and stereo expander within Spotify Equalizer. 

Be sure all of the Samsung Equalizer is turned off. 

Hope this helps a little. 


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Spotify is up to date. I do not have an equalizer available in my Spotify app, and the equalizer option in Spotify takes me to the Samsung equalizer, which is not active when using Poweramp EQ app with Spotify. Also I do not see "bass boost" or "stereo expander" available in my Spotify app.

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It's in the settings of Spotify. 

Don't know exactly the part in English. 

I'm using the German language. 

Equalizer of Spotify can be found under Audio quality and the build in Equalizer of Spotify has the option to add bass boost and surround sound for me. 


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