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Cannot get PowewrAmp to work using "Hey Google" commands in a new C8 2024 Corvette

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I have AA on a Motorola that works with google voice in both my 2010 Mustang (old SYNC) and in my new 23 Maverick. Hands free Google voice works great in these two Fords. I have a new C8 and cannot get Poweramp to use google voice commands. The music plays on my car through my phone and I can use the hand controls to advance ot the next tune etc but if I as "Hey Google Play Gimme Shelter by Poweramp" which works on both my Fords with AA I get a response from google that Poweramp needs to be installed???  Installed Where. On my car I cannot install Poweramp on the unit using Play store - not displayed as on option but it is already on my phone. How does this work on other Chevys??

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