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Need an idea to use Poweramp on Sony Walkman (Android 13)

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Hello, I have a brand new Sony Walkman running Android 13 but the application provided by Sony, although it works perfectly, is ugly and difficult to use. I would like to point out that 99% of my usage is for the car, via Bluetooth.

I installed Poweramp and:
- Poweramp works wonderfully
- It indexed the entire library
- It starts and stops automatically following the bluetooth connection, it took over the Sony application.


If the Sony application outputs directly to Bluetooth (*), this is not the case for Poweramp which uses the "Multimedia" output and this cannot be modified. As a result, when the "Multimedia" volume slider is suddenly lowered to 50%, for example when disconnecting Bluetooth from certain devices, Poweramp has almost no sound, unless you compulsively click on "Volume +" each time you reconnect. , which is not nice.

Note that :
- “Absolute volume” (dev mode) ON or OFF changes nothing
- Any adjustment of the BT output is useless since the Multimedia volume slider at 50% makes the sound inaudible.

Two possibilities :
- Make Poweramp "Music app" but I don't know how to do it, that would allow it to override the Multimedia volume, it is also written under this setting: "(*) The Music application is not affected by this setting"; that would be great.
- Make Poweramp an actor of its Bluetooth Multimedia output volume

If anyone has an idea I would be very happy.

Good evening.


(*) I have understood that any application which is not the default music app will have its sound send "before" the Multimedia volume. Only THE Music app of the system is allowed to bypass this setting.

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