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Music "cuts" 1-2sec when changing app & turning off screen?

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I've been using Poweramp for years and I believe this is either a setting in my phone or the app, I am not able to pinpoint this. (It is NOT energy saving settings, given unrestricted to Poweramp)

Running a Sony Xperia X1 V when using Bluetooth headset the music gets silent for 1-2 seconds (not paused, only audio cut off) when I change app or when screen is turned off/on, do anyone have any tip on this behaviour what could be the issue?

It does not matter if I have Sony's DSEE ultimate or Dolby activated/deactivated. Poweramp is the only app where this happens of what I've been able to test out.


Reinstalled app, cleared cache, spent a lot in settings and cannot find any obvious reasons. Phone rebooted multiple times through times this is not a "new" issue on this device.


I'm thankful for any guidance!

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