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SoX resampler and battery drain

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Does the SoX resampler drain more battery resampling from 192khz down to 48khz, than let's say from 96khz down to 48khz, or from 44.1khz up to 48khz? Or is it pretty much the same battery drain regardless, as long as the resampler is being used?

Also, if you turn on the dither setting, does it apply dither only when bit depth is being reduced? Or does it just apply dither regardless? I'm hoping it just automatically applies dither only when bit depth is being reduced so that I don't have to manually switch it on and off depending on whether I'm listening to a 16 bit file or a 24 bit file. My output is at 16 bit 48khz. Most of my files are at 16 bit 44.1khz but I also have many at 24 bit 48khz and some at 24 bit 192khz.

Finally, which dither setting has the best sound quality? I'm wondering if one of the settings is objectively better in theory (Triangular vs Improved-e-weighted noise shaping for example).


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