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How do I make Poweramp close in notifications area when paused

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I've looked at 10+ pages and didn't find anything on this, so if this has already been addressed I apologize ahead of time.

So what I want to do is when I pause Poweramp, I want notificatios area to "not" show the player, then when I un-pause Poweramp, have the player show again in notifications.

I use a widget to ff/rew/pause/un-pause stuff.

The way it is now is when I pause music I still see the player in notifications and on lockscreen. I have looked in settings and toggled many things and have yet found a way to do what I want to do.


So on to my question, is this possible? if so what setting(s) would I use?


Phone is a Motorola edge plus 2023, andrid 13 latest updates. Poweramp is also up to date.


I hope Igave enough information and I hope somone can assist me with this

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Ok after 30mins or so I decided to just sift thru settings. I FINALLY found a notifications are, and scrolled all the way to the bottom and unticked "Remove Notification on Disconnection" and it fixed what I wanna do.

Maybe someone else may look for this I dunno. I hope maybe this will be of some use to someone maybe down the road.

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