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Add the option for a transparent status bar

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Hi, please add the option to remove the grey bar at the top of the screen, behind the status bar. I understand that there is currently an option to remove the status bar completely, however this leads to the notch cutting into album art, as the album art is shifted upwards.

This currently leads to the app being in 2 situations where either:

1 - there is an annoying grey bar constantly at the top of the screen or...

2 - album covers are interrupted by a notch


For these reasons please add the option to make the status bar fully transparent, and potentially on the current "hide status bar" option, add the second option to lock album art in place, so it is not cut into.

Thanks :)Screenshot_20240112-224517.thumb.png.95307ea2f609f7d824e337a5c0960130.pngScreenshot_20240113-162112.thumb.png.0e56850b4fda3610b97f20a7c875c5c7.png

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