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Lyrics are off sync in builds 971-976


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I have observed that since upgrading to the latest build (976), my synchronized lyrics have been displaying almost half a second too late. Additionally, clicking on a line to jump to that location puts you about half a second later in the song than expected. Unfortunately, I cannot fix this for myself since the delay slider found within audio settings only adds visual delay. The added delay is reverted after downgrading to Poweramp build 970 or below on all of my devices.


I've tested and confirmed this issue on the following devices:

* ZTE Axon 7 Mini, Android 7.1.2, LineageOS 14.1

* OnePlus 5, Android 13, LineageOS microG 20

* Sony Xperia 1 III, Android 13, LineageOS microG 20


Steps to reproduce (use wired headphones or speaker for consistent timing, hi-res to bypass possible system equalizer delay):

1) Fresh install Poweramp build 970. Optionally, enable hi-res output for better sync.

2) Choose a song/lyrics combination that is very well synchronized so that the difference is more noticeable.

3) Observe that the lyrics are on time (or slightly early) with the song. Optionally, disable fade play/pause/stop, pause the music, click on a specific line, play, and observe where the song resumes from.

4) Upgrade or fresh install Poweramp build 976. Enable hi-res output if you did so before.

5) Observe that the lyrics show up too late. Optionally, disable fade play/pause/stop, pause the music, click on the line you clicked before, play, and observe that the point where the song plays is later than before, typically cutting off the start of the line.


Additionally, I made a sync test file, which demonstrates the added lyric delay. I made it with a video editor with 1/60s precision, and I wrote the accompanying lyric file by hand.

https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/13X67qZi35Z-9GKWR8MCI5BMLfO-54IV5?usp=drive_link [I can't remember how to share larger files, so here's a Gdrive link]

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