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Support for USB-DAC


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Good morning, 


Hoping you all are doing well..


I am writing to inquire you about Poweramp's support for high quality USB DACs and high res-audio. And support for codecs in external devices..


I have read the comment on reddit 




It says Poweramp has less feature and support for hi-res audio devices and external high quality dac..



In comparison to this app



 However, I would like to confirm this.. 


If Poweramp eq does not support raw daw, dac and hi-res audio, I would like to request that you consider adding this feature in a future update. I believe that this would be a valuable addition to Poweramp, as it would allow users to take advantage of the higher sound quality that USB DACs can provide. So that the music is no longer limited by Android devices 


Thank you for your time and consideration.




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