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Hi-res and MQA quality


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Hi dear Poweramp friends,
I just wanted to ask for a major update or upgrade of the sound quality, I just experienced a app called (USB Audio player) there's just a big difference between USB app and Poweramp, about the quality of experience of having music player and have tons of great ideas in your app which I really appreciate and luv ur app, as a fan of your hard work I just wanna experience music at the highest quality and resolution, like at least Hi-res and MQA quality, that's the only thing that must get upgraded and it's the biggest thing that have to get done,
I'm really looking forward for the upgrade and really appreciate ur work over the years,
Thank u very much, 
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FLAC takes care of this at all levels! I'm just making my foray into the MQA realm, but it appears as it's a codec of Master Quality at a smaller size and can be encapsulated inside of  a FLAC file, as well. I only mess with FLAC. Not 100% sure if PA has the ability to playback MQA yet, tho.

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