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Sat Nav & Poweramp


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I have just bought an Archos G9 250GB tablet which is now mounted on my car dash & it's sole use is to live in the car. I understand this might be a question for Co Pilot but I feel that you guys are more "Savvy" than the Co Pilot devs for my question.

I have just started the trial on your app & have loaded 33,000 songs & customised everything the way I like it. I have to admit this is the best player so far that I have tried for a tablet. My question is that I want to be able to leave the Poweramp screen on all the time so I can quickly change songs, volume etc BUT still hear the Sat Nav when directions/Speed Camera alerts are played. I am able to flawlessly have Poweramp playing in the background with Co Pilot on the screen & the music volume is lowered nicely for each announcement, but obviously this is the complete opposite of what I want. Where is the restriction stopping this from happening? Any clues would be VERY welcome....

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