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The part changed from 1.4


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I like this software.

However, there is a regrettable place.

They are that it was made of 1.4.

1.When a search service is used while reproducing the playlist.

 1.4 playlist → search → Search results(playlist) → playlist

 NewVer playlist → serach → Search results(Single or Album or Folder) → Single or Album or Folder


 ・The search in a playlist is impossible.

 ・It does not return after search results at a playlist.


 I would like to return the brightness of a button to 1.4.

 I would like to return an oblong display to 1.4.

 It does not become the same display as 1.4 with a classic skin, either.

If you please, please improve.

Thank you for your consideration.

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