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Background grey'd out


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Hi there, not sure if this is a bug or if there is some setting that was changed that I can't find. I've been using this player for years and has hands down been my favorite to use and has been everything I've wanted but recently, my menus in the app turned white or grey'd out as if something was being highlighted. I tried changing themes around (prefer dark mode) but for some reason my main folders screens and list of songs has this white out while the settings menu have the normal dark mode theme. Anyone have ideas?

  • Poweramp build number: build-954 w/ addon Full Version Unlocker build-302
  • Device: Galaxy Note 9
  • Android: Version 10
  • No custom ROM
  • No steps to reproduce, screen stuck in this setting

I've attached an image to show what I am describing - you will see the settings menu and main player seem to look OK, but when I go to the folders and list of tracks it whites out


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