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Mono routing


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I was looking for an application to listen play-a-long mp3 (Aebersold) where the drum is centered, while bass is on the left and the piano is on the right. So using the balance I've the choice to remove the piano (which I'm playing) while keeping drum and bass (I need pratically only the left channel for my job). I would like also to have a mono feature, so that I can hear this both on left and right headphone (and not only in one ear which it is not confortable while playing).

I was happy to see that your application has both balance and mono (not quite diffused these controls among players) but unfortunately the current routing is, according to my test:

mono -> balance (that means you first go mono than the balance does nothing)

while could be more useful having:

balance -> mono (first select the channel to be used among left/right, than put the risult in mono to hear this in both ears).

This last routing has all the benefits of the currently implemented one, but has this extra possibility that's useful for my job.

Having worked in mixer design I mean moving the balance control before (and not after) the mono block.

Don't know if the actual routing specification (mono -> balance) has been done like that for a particular reason (please explain) but it looks to me that the other routing (balance -> mono) looks more flexible (hope to be right).

Any comment ?

Is there any chance to have this routing changed (swapped), so that also song called "minus one" has good choice to be played?

Thanks in advance for your time.


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