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bluetooth devices: selective "Resume [playing] on Bluetooth" for every device


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Hey Poweramp-Team

I love your player, recommend it to every friend I have and especially ones with audiophile qualities because they most of the times also have tons of headphones/headsets flying around ;)
I paid like 3$ YEARS ago, would love to put some money in a bucket because I use this player every day and it's great.

You already have selective equalizer-modes which you can pre-set for a specific bluetooth-device (this is GREAT and a unique feature imho).

What would be even better is if you could activate/deactivate the "resume on bluetooth"-setting for each device.
So control the auto-play of audio in the event a bluetooth-device connects to the device.

Currently I can only control this via the Android-Bluetooth-Setting (where I can either activate or de-activate "media audio") so that Poweramp starts playing automatically or not.
Sometimes I use a bluetooth-headset that is "strictly" for phone-use, but when media-audio in Android-Bluetooth is enabled then Poweramp starts blaring music into my ears when I don't want to. Sometimes a podcast continues to play which I don't want to continue right now. Sometimes the volume is waaay to high because I had to set volume to high because of the caller before.
If there would be a setting in Poweramp itself where I can turn on/off auto-play for "bluetooth headset X/Y" I could still play Audio (Poweramp-music, Voice-Messages in Telegram/Whatsapp/Facebook etc., youtube-player etc.) when I want but the music wouldn't auto-play.

High expectations here I know, but I wanted to get this off my chest.
I'm pretty sure I wouldn't be the only one to like more options ;) It'd make my life easier.

Thanks in advance

Gruäss Robin / +41798474042 (Telegram, Whatsapp)

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