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Stop the Autoscan for God's Sake


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Dear Poweramp.

Version 2.XXX is awsome and actually I have bought the Player after the recent Update but one thing is making my life a Hell. Please how to completeely diable autoscan from the Player and and the same time the Library (one Folder on my SD card) should refelect any changes. the Old version was perfect in that but this version sucks a lot with respect to this matter. everytime I plug my Samsung Galaxy S2 in USB Mode and transfer Mp3s to my \extSD\My Music and Unplug the Phone the Poweramp Scan Library App Starts and it Ruins my Recenetly Added Playlist and Recet the list to the first scan Ever made. I have deseclted the "Initial Scan" Option and Selected the "No System Scan for Folders" and chose My Music Folder.. When I untick the Auto-Scan my Library will not be updated. please please the Recently Added Playlist is very Importatnt for my jogging activity and I update my Library on a daily basis.

The old version was better except it did not have the Recently added Playlist.

Please Poweramp do something.

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