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Having a problem with selecting music folders


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i've encountered a weird situation when i was trying to select some music folders on

"Folders Selection"

this is how my folder looks like

blahblah\dislike folder\don't like.mp3 + etc


    \like2.mp3... + etc

there is a folder contains

1.music files which i'd like to take

2.and a folder that i don't want to add in my library.

so i checked "blahblah" folder and unchecked "dislike folder"

guess what? it just unchecked whole "blahblah" folder automatically. dropping 'like1.mp3, like2.mp3, etc'

......excuse me?

i thought "select parent directory but unselect subdirectory" is a very common choice in everyday PC using, but apparently it's not for some people.

i've used this app about a year and i know this is not a file-tree-based-app (actually i don't give a fxxx to id3 tags- i don't use apple stuffs-) and i'll take that. but i'd like to ask to the developers; plz care about non-id3 tags-users a bit more.

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