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Playlists issue and more


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had to switch to a new Android device, hardware damage. 

Reinstalled all, including Poweramp.

Poweramp Version:

build-939-bundle-play [939004-333c8a71]

Device Model:

Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra

Android Version: 12


Same issue as before with the search function being not available. Thanks to your instruction it could be activated. 

As you mentioned in your reply, the issue repeats with every installation, update, etc. All clear in that respect. Issue has been taken care of.


1) Playlist issue

Now, the new device is working (no hardware defect so far), but under Playlists I have double entries of each album of the designated music folder.

Previously this was no issue, now it is.

The "Playlists" show side by side a non-playlist folder and a playlist folder. That means that the non playlist folder doesn't show *.m3u in the name of the album. The correct album folder does.


2) Android Auto

Perhaps a bug, perhaps not?

When used in Android Auto, does there exist for Poweramp the option to "Fast Forward", "Rewind",   and if so where are they hidden under Settings?


3) After your support instructions I decided to also purchase the Poweramp EQ.

I guess I will need to post a separate topic under Poweramp EQ, and not here, right?


Please kindly instruct 




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