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Autoplay via bluetooth


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I usually use Poweramp to listen to music in my car via Bluetooth. Normally when I turn on my car stereo, Poweramp automatically starts to play. I've noticed in the last couple of weeks that whenever I get into the car, even if I don't turn on the stereo, Poweramp is playing as soon as my phone connects to my car via Bluetooth. It wouldn't be a big deal but I scrobble my listening to last.fm so I keep getting additional plays showing up on there which is irritating. Any ideas on correcting this?

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While there is a setting to prevent auto resume on Bluetooth connection, it is possible that, as in my A3, the car's head unit is issuing a play command. A new setting in the latest beta allows the user to configure Poweramp to ignore play commands issued by a Bluetooth player for up to 10 seconds. This fixed what looks like a very similar issue for me.

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