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Joe Walsh song in which he receives a collect call from Joe Vitale?


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Hey guys;

I have spent the last hour Googling for this song in which Joe Walsh receives a collect call from Joe Vitale. The operator asks Joe something like (I don't recall the exact words) 'is this Mr. Walsh', to which he answers 'I think so', and the operator replies 'Sir, you should know something like that'.

I might have the Joe's mixed up; maybe it was Joe Vitale receiving the call from Joe Walsh, but I seem to recall it being a Joe Walsh song.

I thought it was one of these songs:

In the City
Life's Been Good
Over and Over
Rocky Mountain Way

But I have listened to all of these songs, and have not heard that phone call. I know the song Life's Been Good has the Wah Wah's at the end, but no phone call.

I own copies of only 3 Joe Walsh songs:
Life's Been Good
One Day at a Time
Rocky Mountain Way

I think it's time for me to purchase 'But Seriously Folks', but I don't think any of those songs have the phone call.

Thanks for your help; this is really eating me.



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