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Audio focus and volume loss with Newpipe and other apps


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First I wanna say that this equalizer app is incredible along with the Poweramp player. However, I do have a few issues. I can't say if it's a glitch or if I don't have my settings correct.

These issues only happen when the equalizer is installed. This volume loss happens mostly with Newpipe (YouTube substitute app) but happens with other apps as well. When I'm watching a video and I change the quality, the volume lowers about 30%+. Newpipe has a feature that when you click on your home screen, it will continue to play just the audio in the background. The volume lowers when this happens as well.

Volume also lowers for MX Player when seeking through a video. This happens for music apps as well. This happens on both my LG G7 and on my LG V60. It doesn't matter if the audio is playing via speaker, bluetooth or wired headphones. It almost like the volume lowers because it thinks there's a notification or something.

I've posted my app version along with my settings.

Thank you in advance







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