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How to stop autoadvance ??


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I second this request. Creative .mp3 players call it "Play Once". Other players refer to it as "Play Pause" or other various names.

Bottom line: musicians have wanted simple audio players to have a setting that simply STOPS after playing the currently chosen song. This gives us time to get things ready for the next song. Whether playing songs from a dedicated Playlist or from a folder.

Please add this feature.

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Just to bump this request back to the top of the list. I'm a magician and I'm specifically looking for the ability to have the player pause after the current track finishes AND the ability to fade to a pause when the forward button is pressed. I'm frequently using music when selecting an audience member to assist and I don't know how long the music needs to run. I need it to fade smoothly to a pause if needed AND the ability for the song to just stop at the end for my set routines.

My wife has it on her iPod Touch (PlayMyQ-HD) and that's what I'm using right now... but Poweramp is a lot more robust and I'd like to use it with my Samsung Galaxy Player instead.

It would seem to be a fairly easy option to implement.

Pause after current track... whether the track ends on it's own (or) if the forward button is pressed.

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