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Album Art Redownload option

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Hi Devs and all,

I've been on paid version for almost 10 years and Poweramp is just the best.

However each time i reset my phone, install some new CFW to test or change my device the album art just gets screwed up. All the album art will get screwed and all songs will show same 3 or 4 album arts from some other song.

I have tried every possible combination of settings in album art section but it is always the same. Around 20% of the time this problem fixes itself after couple of weeks (Strange) but in most cases i end up having to manually go into album art search screen and having to redownload album art for each song (i got 1500+ tracks in my playlist...)

Due to this reason it would be really great if you can  add an artwork "grab now" or "download now" option in artwork settings which will just go and grab the 1st default artwork found on the web for whole library. Even if full album art download might get some % wrong  it would still be better than having 95% scrambled artwork after fresh reinstall.

Just searching the forums i see many posts related to album art not downloading or wrong album art being shown. I believe adding a "zap my artwork from the web" option will make all these go away.

P. S. Just started to use Poweramp on my car stereo as well. How to add more than 1 device to my subscription?



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