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Back button .. feature or setting to stop exit.


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I have been using Poweramp for over a year, and I would kill for this feature.. (maybe there is already a setting for this?)..

I have a sony x10, which has 3 hardware buttons, the left is context menu / settings, middle (back to home screen).. and then the right is the "back button".

also worth noting is that I use the "library view".. as i most have playlists that i manage in Itunes sync'd to the phone via isyncr.

SO pressing the middle button clearly quits you to the homescreen, which is obvious... but what I find SUPER annoying, is that say i am at the play now screen, if I press back, if I press back it takes me back to the playlist.. (Great), then press once more, back to the root of the Library.. (great)... but what I constantly find annoying, is that if it is pressed once more, it closes and goes back to the homescreen..

I navigate pretty fast.. and have come from ipods.. so I find this really un-intuitave, to have the back button exit.

Can any one PLEASE tell me, is there a way to disable this (ie so that it stops at the root of the library, and stops closing the app..)..

Apart from this one annoying feature, I love Poweramp.. ..


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