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Low volume at beginning of tracks on Spotify

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I'm not sure if this is a bug, or something I'm doing wrong, but I'd like to mention it as it's the only issue I have with this app. I've only noticed this problem when using Spotify, but it could be present on other apps, I haven't done extensive testing. Often when I'm listening on Spotify, the beginning of a track (like first half second or so) starts at a low volume, then quickly ramps back up. This doesn't always happen, or at least I don't always notice it. It is most noticeable on albums where one song leads into the next, which I've noticed it most of what I listen to apparently. 

I experience this issue on both my LG G8 running Android 10, and my LG V60 running Android 11. My EQ is set to only apply to my bluetooth earbuds (Jabra Elite 85t), but the issue also happens when I have IEMs plugged directly into my phone without the EQ applied, but the equalizer still running. Also it happens on the current release of the app and the beta. I've tried almost every possible combination of DVC options, turning it off and on, and adjusting the various options. I've turned on the Disable Absolute Volume setting, as well as disabling volume sync setting for my Jabra 85t's.  I've also changed all the settings for Spotify itself under "Known Players," one at a time to see if any of them make a difference, but nothing eliminates the problem. Both Spotify and Poweramp Equalizer are excluded from power savings settings. I have gapless playback enabled and normalize volume turned off in Spotify, if that makes a difference.

Hopefully someone can help, this app is so amazing and useful, but this small, yet frustrating issue is really putting a damper on things. Thanks.

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