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Shanling M3X issues with Poweramp 918


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I have a recently purchased Shanling M3X and I installed Poweramp bc I use it on my phone and bc the Shanling app is a bit lackluster in comparison. So I have had this issue a few times when I have tried to use the DAP to aux to a stereo. The app works fine when on bluetooth, and on wired headphones, but when I tried to plug it into an amplifier I get this constant clicking sound and the app freezes. Then after a reboot I get no sound at all from Poweramp on wired headphones but it will work on bluetooth. I am able to use the Shanling music app when plugged into aux but not Poweramp. The clicking sound is constant and it sounds bad like a failing capacitor or something. I tried using the Line Out mode and the PO mode on the device to no avail. The line out mode maxes the volume out. I was running an older version of Poweramp and had this same issue. M3X is android AOSP 7 by the way

Any help appreciated. I really don't want to use the Shanling app because I don't think there is a way to shuffle playlists and obviously it doesn't have all the customization and sleek UI of Poweramp.

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