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Feching light Noise while eq is on

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I'm fetching some light noise when the eq is on. Not when it off.  Please fix this if you can. Some times it become louder. 

Device: Tecno Camon 12 air

Headphone: kz zsn pro x

Android version: 9

Music app: Spotify (premium) 


Audio Info:

Active Players

Advanced Player Tracking


Audio Session: 18713

Fade, Keep Equalizer Session


Sample Rate 48 kHz

Block Size




Equalizer Mode: graphic Bands: 10 (31-16K, Q: 1.50)

Bands overlap: envelope Smooth equalizer/tone gains Bass (60%), Treble (20%)

Preamp 6.0dB

Preset Bass & Treble Wired Headset/AUX

Compressor Disabled


Enabled Balance


Output Device Wired Headset/AUX

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