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Crossfade Non-Gapless/Non-cue Songs + Recently Added Playlist


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Recently I purchased the unlocker and I can this is Audio player is the best. Awesome and has all the features anyone can ask for.

Could somebody please help me.

whenever I choose Crossfade Non-Gapless/Non-cue Songs from the Audio Engine settings, this should make all songs crossfade with the exception of Gapless & Cue Songs. whenever I select a playlist created by me (m3u to be precise) nothing happens. no crossfade happens whatsoever. whenever I go to Library and I select "Song" some times the crossfade happens but most of the time it doesn't . I have a Samsung Galaxy S2. I mean it is really annoying to go each time I want to listen to a cue album to go and unTick "Crossfade all sons" to enjoy a cue Album. please help. I believe it is a bug .........

Also whenever I connect my SG2 in USB debugging mode (USB Mode) in order to transfer Mp3s and when I finish and unplug my SG2 and wait for the Media scanning to finish and then I go to the Recently added Playlist and I do expect to see the newly transferred Mp3 but I can find nothing just the first 200 mp3 that was scanned in the first place :( Sometimes they show but after plugging & unplugging my SG2 it goes back :(

a final note, the media scanning with version 1.4 was way faster than 2.0 Why??????

appreciate a reply

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