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Poweramp glitching/spluttering occasionally since ColorOS 11 (Android 11) update.


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Build-905-aem64-play [905004-96b6d050]

Oppo A52

ColorOS 11 (Android 11)

Hi - Poweramp was great until the Android 11 update - Now it's almost unusable.

Poweramp glitches once or twice every one or two tracks.

Very frustrating as I use it to test how my recordings sound on mobile devices.

I've tried increasing the buffers to max, disabling DVC, tried all of the various output and dithering settings etc, removed my SD card and transferred my music to internal storage and set battery to maximum performance.

I also factory reset the phone with no improvement.

The problem occurs with both the outputs I use, wired and bluetooth.

Sometimes it can go for three or four tracks before it happens and sometimes it can happen three or four times per track for half an hour -

I have also noticed it happens more if there is app activity, starting an app etc and if mobile data/wireless are enabled.

What happened to the thread priority setting? I feel as though this would help but it's gone.

This really reminds me of audio issues in Windows 10 -

I had a 7700k and whenever there was CPU activity the audio would glitch on all audio devices.

I then built a 3900XT rig and the problem went away but I noticed if I did some encryption which used all 12 cores the audio would glitch -

Seemingly an OS flaw where if enough CPU resources are being used the audio isn't given enough CPU time or priority and it's late to the party.

It only happened on Windows 10 and not Windows 7 and it seems that ColorOS 11 has taken a backwards step as well.

Unfortunately Oppo doesn't allow downgrading the OS so I'm stuck with Poweramp glitching out which makes listening to music pointless.

Just bought some $600 headphones so this is a bit of a bummer.

Hope you can figure this out.




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