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My Poweramp was updated automatically yesterday.

And a BIG BIG problem that I have is that there is no (good) new volume control bar!

You can activate the volume menue while taping once on the album art, but I think there should be a customization which allows to see this option always on top (not over the CD cover >.<) just at the bottom or something like that. Like it was before.

I used the Poweramp software volume switch EVERY time AND I could see exaytly

(At the volume level bar that appears) how the volume is set.

I think this feature is important to quick-switch volume whithout having 2 dark bars over my CD cover.

(There sould be a reverence button for the volume in the widget, too)


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I agree with the request for an on-screen volume control.

With the new skin, the way I use my phone (in landscape mode) I have to have the permanent controls turned off to see the album art, and it looks very good this way.

However, due to the dumb placement of the charge port on the Motorola Photon 4G, I have to set the phone with its volume buttons facing down!! Now, in order to change the volume in Poweramp, I need to tap once to bring up the controls, tap a second time to select equ/volume, tap and drag a third time on the volume control, THEN move my finger across the phone's screen to tap the back button, then tap a FIFTH time to make the controls disappear!

I would love to have a small permanent slider somewhere near the album art, or a gesture, or something like that... preferably to reduce changing the volume on-screen to a one-touch or at most two-touch process.

Thanks for the great app!

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