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Gestures in Lockscreen


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I am really searching for a good Music Player. I used always btunes because it has this great feature of showing in fullscreen the current song. I found your great player and it does the same which is really nice. Still the Library an Folder Buttons are really small, and I have to check if it recognises my Playlists, but there is one big feature I am missing.

The gestures while playing a song are awesome but it would be more awesome if this would work also on the lockscreen. Because I am jogging a lot and I know it from the Samsung Player, my old Iphone and so on, when you are on the run and want to get to the next Song you have to search with your finger the NEXT Button on the Screen. The normal Samsung Player doesn't have a Lockscreen Widget at all, and on the iPhone it was always difficult to press exactly the NEXT Button while running.

btunes made it really good and allowed with a swipe to left or right to play the next or last song. This was amazing while running, because it was so smooth and easy, without looking on the screen. The problem is btunes lost his developers or anything, because since may there wasn't any update and it has really big difficulties with Froyo.

therefore I am back to Samsung Player and now putting all my hope into Power AMP. The widget is still a good think, but the final point whould be the gestures on the lockscreen.

would be nice but I buy it anyway if it hits the market :)

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