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Google Chrome Cast TV


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Hello, I upgraded my chromecast ultra to the new one google released that runs android tv. I was able to cast Poweramp over to the ultra fine with audio set to 96hz and 24 bit in the app settings but when I tried doing so on the new Cast TV, the ui came up albeit a bit different looking but most importantly no audio was being heard. I could skip ahead on the app and it would sync with the display but still couldnt get audio coming out. I tried setting the app settings to use device defaults and toggled the eq and limiter toggles on the output settings for chromecast output and still no dice. I sanity checked spotify and audio was indeed working on the new Cast TV so something is going on with the casting in regards to Poweramp. 

Poweramp version: v3-built-884-arm64-play

device model: ZTE Axon 7

android version: Android 9

Custom Rom: CRdroid 5.12 August 2020 security patch

I can try sending the logs of my trying to cast over to it later today

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