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Playing Twitch through m3u8


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So, i was fiddling arround and figured an entire workarround after reading different options through reddit.

So, you can apparently run streamlink with termux on android and VLC. If you take it a step further, you can use liveproxy through an m3u so you dont have to call the streamlink directly with VLC and can workarround with other players, such as Poweramp.

First i did a test run on my PC with MPC-H and streamlink + liveproxy to see if the method and my build m3u8 file works - It worked. 
Hence i did a second test: Running the same m3u file on android after having set up everything - it worked.
Now, i figured since Poweramp supports m3u8 files, it should work right? Yes. and no. It took a few tries where it seems the app timed out before the stream actually got to load up, until it finally worked.

So i figured i'd drop here if anyone is interested.
Follow steps 1-3 from here: https://www.reddit.com/r/Streamlink/comments/cfno18/guide_streamlink_on_android_termux_vlc/
Follow following steps from comments:

pip install liveproxy 

pkg install ffmpeg

liveproxy --port 53422

So, now you can close termux. Now its time to create the m3u8 file to open.
First, build the twitch URL you want to invoke (I'm going to use monstercat for my example):

streamlink https://twitch.tv/monstercat audio_only

Run it through base64 and build the URL so it looks like this:

Save the line to a file with the complete file structure so its a valid m3u8:

#EXTINF:-1,Monstercat Twitch

Save to a file that ends on .m3u8, and you're good to go, just open it with Poweramp ;)

PS for mods: Posted it under bug reports, because the behaviour is quite buggy and half of the time it refuses to play the file.

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