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Web based control


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Good evening!

I updated to the new pro version and it is great! Runs very good on my SGS 2, thanks for your work!

My idea for a new feature is to add a web based GUI for controlling Poweramp. I dont know if some people think the same, for me it would be a nice feature. I put my mobile on dock at home and connect it to my amplifier by bluetooth. Everytime I like to change an track or something I must go trough my rooms and select it.

If there is a web GUI (for example with a Start/Stop option), you can connect to the phone and controll things like next/previous track, folder up/down and all the things you can in a widget. I thik, this would be a nice feature.

I dont know, is it possible yet with the API you provide? Or as a plugin for the PAW server?



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