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Default image for the collection of songs NOT in an album

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Hi there, 

Firstly, if this is not the place to be asking the question, please direct me to the proper forum. 

I am running a paid version of 1.2.3 (PA).


Okay, this was very difficult to Google for because when you use the terms "unknown" and "album art" the results invariably return people with issues placing album art on missing albums. 


That is not what I'm looking for. 


For example, let's say under Queen I have 5 songs. 

All 5 of those songs DO NOT have an album written in under the meta data.  Therefore, in Power Amp, from the home screen, if you select Artist > Queen >

the only thing you will see is 1 box, and that box is labeled UNKNOWN ALBUM. 

All 5 of those songs will be under this UNKOWN ALBUM sub-header.  So if I click that box, it will move further into the directory, so now it's Artist > Queen > UNKNOWN ALBUM

The image of the UNKNOWN ALBUM, for all of the artists in my entire collection in Power Amp, is the same image.  That image is an Action Bronson album cover. 


So if I go into Green Day, and I have Dookie and American Idiot as a full albums, and there are two thumbnails with the respective album covers that represent the songs listed inside that directory.  But Good Riddance is listed under UNKNOWN ALBUM because that's the only song I have from that album.  So I have 3 thumbnails under Green Day.  The Dookie album cover, the American Idiot album cover, and then the album cover for UNKNOWN ALBUM--which--at this current moment in time, is the album art for Action Bronson's Heel Toe.   


If I press and hold and try to change that album cover, it doesn't take.  Nothing happens.  All I want is a basic black and white music note vector file to be the UNKNOWN ALBUM image for all artists. 


How do we proceed?

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