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Album sorting after choosing a single song search result


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Right now the current behavior after searching for a song title and selecting it is to either:

a) Play the rest of the filtered search queue, or

B) Continue playing the next song(s) in the "All songs" alphabetical list

The behavior I'd like is similar to (B), but I'd like the player to have an option to continue in album order after the selected song is done (perhaps in the album sorting method that's been chosen for artist album pages, like alphabetical/year/etc.).

Example scenario:

Let's say I want to listen to "Taxman" by The Beatles.

What currently happens when I search for "Taxman":

1) "Taxman" by The Beatles plays (track 1 on Revolver).

2) The next song alphabetically on my phone plays - which happens to be "Teddy Boy" by Paul McCartney, then "Teeth" by Lady Gaga, etc.

What I'd like to happen when I search for "Taxman"...

1) After the song finishes, the next song on the album plays - "Eleanor Rigby" (track 2 on Revolver).

2) If I leave my phone running, the next Beatles album should play after Revolver... and then the next artist after The Beatles when that's all done. (This would be the exact behavior if I manually selected "Taxman" on its album page).

This shouldn't be too difficult to implement, I hope. It just makes a lot more sense to me than forcing the player to continue "all songs" alphabetically.

Keep up the amazing work! Poweramp 2.0 is fantastic.

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