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Art cover bug on UI player


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v3-build-859 (beta)

I have a Xiaomi MI A3 device

Android 9 Pie Stock ROM

Hi guys, I have a problem with the album cover in the user interface player, when I play a song in which the album cover is pixelated, it can be resolved if I turn the device and go back to (vertical) this is as if will not load the album cover correctly. I don't think it's a problem with the cover inserted in the song, since it happens on any cover regardless of the resolution, I don't even think it's the skin since that problem appears to me for a long time and not only on my device (also in my device my xiaomi redmi 7a).

this happens in beta version e in stable version
I know it's a small bug but I hope you fix that please.


Sorry, my english is very bad.😣

Thanks guys.

pixeled.png              real.png

Pixeled cover art                                                                                                       Loaded cover art

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