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RSNAV Android 7 Head Units (Automotive)

Tim Watts

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This player is very popular among the Android Automotive head units on the market. I'm running it on both of my cars with an Android 7.0 based unit. 

One of the features that doesn't seem to function as well as it could, is when browsing my library with the Poweramp interface set to landscape, ... I still need to "swipe" vertically to browse my music library. It would work much better if when set in landscape mode, you swipe to the left or right to browse/scroll through your library to make a selection. 

The size of the interface I have and that most people tend to purchase when getting an Android automotive head unit is 10.25" wide. 

Am I missing a setting somewhere to make it so that I can swipe left/right to browse my library?


Thanks! Awesome application, love it! 

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